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In the beautiful region of the Southern Champagne area lies Domaine Rennepont. Rennepont is a village on the border of the departments 'Haute Marne' and 'l'Aube'. In between gorgeous hills, stretched out forests and famous wineries. It is only a 6 hour drive from Amsterdam and a few steps away from the touristic centre of the area. This makes it the perfect destination wedding location! 

Since this year, The Travelling Wedding Planner is the main wedding planner of the beautiful Domaine. At Rennepont we are able to create special packages that are more budget friendly and personalised to everyones wishes. Here you have the opportunity to take control over your own wedding and the budget and take on tasks yourself. 

At Rennepont we want you to feel at home and we are like one big happy family. That is the feeling we want to give you and all of your guests when you have your wedding weekend at Domaine Rennepont. 

Send us an email via en we will send you a brochure with all the information and details.

Have a look at the website and instagram here.

Starting at €3.500,-

Domaine Rennepont in Champagne

All of our prices are an indication. Every event is different and we always aim to make it as unique as possible.

After our first meeting, we will create a customised proposal, based on your wishes.

Click on the button “more information” to receive our brochure or read our FAQ’s.

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