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Wedding proposal? Because, before anybody is getting married, we need a YES.


Finding the perfect, original, most romantic moment is not the easiest thing to do. What exactly is the perfect moment? What would make your love truly happy? And how do you prepare without him/her noticing? 

We are here for advice, inspiration, finding the most beautiful and most romantic locations, arranging a photo/videographer, and of course to set up and prepare the big moment. We have plenty of great ideas and can create the perfect proposal, together with you.


Also booked us as your wedding planner? Then this service is a gift from us!

All of our prices are an indication. Every event is different and we always aim to make it as unique as possible.

After our first meeting we will create a customised proposal based on your wishes.

Click on the button “more information” to receive our brochure or read our FAQ’s.

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