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About The Travelling Wedding Planner

We (Nina & Susanna) fell in love with event planning and travelling when we first started organising weddings & events on the beautiful island Ibiza.

After a few years, we both moved back to Amsterdam and started to build a nice career in event planning, but always knew that wedding planning is our real passion.


Coincidentally, we met again on an island on the other side of the world: Bali. This is where all of the emotions came back, and our random words and thoughts turned into more concrete actions: 

"Are we going for it, Nien?"

"Yes Suus, definitely!"

Yet another weekend on Ibiza, and the entire business plan was created. That is how, in 2018, The Travelling Wedding Planner was born. Today, we are based in the centre of Amsterdam and drive to our destination weddings with our Travelling Wedding Campervan. 

Since 2022 we are no longer with just the two of us, but we are a TEAM! And we are beyond proud of that. We work together with experienced event and wedding planners and have the support of our amazing interns during the wedding seasons.

Our approach?

During the first meeting we would love to get to know you, and you us, a little better. We believe that the bride and groom and the wedding planners should be a perfect match. Not every wedding planner will suit you, and (even though we would love to help everyone out) not every couple suits us. During this meeting we will answer all of your questions and go more in depth regarding your wedding plans. We will create the first draft of your wedding and discuss all of your ideas and wishes.


NINA (according to Suus)

Founder & Wedding Planner & Finance

The always happy, enthusiastic and energetic Nina is there for our clients 24/7. Even in difficult times she always manages to make you smile. She has an energy level that will lift you up. A real supermama that makes our team feel like a family!

Nina is always up to date on the latest trends and knows the best and most original suppliers in every area. If you are looking for a special type of flower, vintage furniture, a wedding location on Formentera or a delicious wedding cake: Nina knows. Last but not least, do you have cats or other pets? Big chance that the first part of the wedding meeting will be all about them.

SUSANNA (according to Nien)

Founder & Wedding Planner & Marketing

Suus will walk (or longboard) into a meeting, wearing flared jeans and a hat, with preferably also a touch of vintage, and always listening to The Rolling Stones.


Suus brings structure to the process of organisation and planning. I thank her for that, because very honestly, sometimes I get lost in my own enthusiasm. I recommend a Suus for everybody when it comes to planning any type of event. She can turn any dream into a well structured plan, and with her creativity, the plan turns out just a little bit differently than you would have expected. Any idea, small or big, I only have to pitch it and Suus completely rocks it.


KIM (according to Nien &Suus)

Wedding Planner

From our very first job interview, to our very first intern, to our very first colleague! Our KIM! 

From the moment Kim walked in with us for her application as an intern, we knew right away. This is our girl. She then lived half in Poland and half in the Netherlands and loves to travel. 

Kim knows how to bring peace to our chaos and is a real go-getter. She knows how to deal flawlessly with both Nina's character and that of Suus and that makes her the best addition to our team. We, our couples, and the rest of the team knows that with Kim everything is always in good hands, we can rely on her and every detail has been thought of. 

TEDDY (according to Nien & Suus)

Project, Sales & Marketing Manager

Teddy is back!!! After her internship at TTWP, Teddy finished school and went to work for a digital marketing agency, but when we approached her with the option of coming back to work with us as a project, sales and marketing manager, she was thrilled to return to our TTWP family. Teddy fits right in with our team and can have a nice chat with anyone.


In addition to creating all our content and keeping our socials up to date, Teddy is also the first contact our couples receive when they make an inquiry. In addition, "the Tedster" makes sure everything in the office runs like clockwork (keeping a sense of order in our chaos;))


FAYA (according to Nien & Suus)

Wedding Planner

Our Faya from The Hague. A born hospitality girl, always thinking forward and with an eye for detail. Like Nien & Suus, she is a graduate of Hotelschool The Hague and has several years of experience as a wedding planner for a beach club in The Hague.


Faya is always in for fun and will make sure everyone is having a good time, both at the weddings and in our office. In addition, she is caring and very empathetic. You will definitely see her at every wedding wiping away a tear (or 10). Faya already knew she wanted to work at TTWP when we were just starting out and we are so happy to have her on our team now!

STERRE (according to Nien & Suus)

Wedding Planner

When Sterre stood in our hallway one day with her resume in hand, even though we had no job openings at that time, we knew: this is a real go-getter!

From her very first day, Sterre immediately felt like "part of the TTWP family." With a background as a digital marketing consultant, Sterre is our star (haha) when it comes to time management! She knew right away how to take responsibility for several of her own projects and keep it organised (some order in our chaos!).


Also, every couple who has contact with Sterre knows immediately that everything will get fixed and always with a smile on her face. We are really happy with Sterre as an addition to our team!

IMG_7690 (1)_edited.jpg
Wedding planning intern

ANGEL (according to Nien & Suus)

Wedding Planner

Angel is the newest addition to the TTWP team! This woman always has a smile on her face and doesn't know the meaning of the word "stress". (We are sometimes jealous!)

Just like Nien & Suus has completed the Hotel Management School and, thanks to her extensive catering experience, she is absolutely indestructible!

She has a real hands-on mentality and ensures that everything that needs to be arranged is arranged immediately. We all enjoy her infectious cheerfulness in the office, with which she also ensures that the planning process for the couples is not only "on point" but also very pleasant!

Our lovely inerns! (according to Nien & Suus)

Every season we work with different amazing ladies that perform their internship with us. We are very honored to have them and show them what wedding planning is all about. As a couple, you will also be in touch with them as they will play a crucial part in our team.


It is because of these ladies that we are where we are now and we are always grateful for that! You girls rock!

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