About The Traveling Wedding Planner

We fell in love with event planning and travelling when we first started organising weddings & events on the beautiful island Ibiza.

After a few years, we both moved back to Amsterdam and started to build a nice career in event planning, but always knew that wedding planning is our real passion.


Coincidentally, we met again on an island on the other side of the world: Bali. This is where all of the emotions came back, and our random words and thoughts turned into more concrete actions: 

"Are we going for it, Nien?"

"Yes Suus, definitely!"

Yet another weekend on Ibiza, and the entire business plan was created. That is how, in 2018, The Travelling Wedding Planner was born. Today, we are still based in Amsterdam on our cosy houseboat office in the Houthavens!

Our approach?

During the first meeting we would love to get to know you, and you us, a little better. We believe that the bride and groom and the wedding planners should be a perfect match. Not every wedding planner will suit you, and (even though we would love to help everyone out) not every couple suits us. During this meeting we will answer all of your questions and go more in depth regarding your wedding plans. We will create the first draft of your wedding and discuss all of your ideas and wishes.

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NINA (according to Suus)

The always happy, enthusiastic and energetic Nina is there for our clients 24/7. Even in difficult times she always manages to make you smile. She has an energy level that will lift you up. 

Nina is always up to date on the latest trends and knows the best and most original suppliers in every area. If you are looking for a special type of flower, vintage furniture, a wedding location on Formentera or a delicious wedding cake: Nina knows. Last but not least, do you have cats or other pets? Big chance that the first part of the wedding meeting will be all about them.

SUSANNA (according to Nien)

Suus will walk (or longboard) into a meeting, wearing flared jeans and a hat, with preferably also a touch of vintage, and always listening to The Rolling Stones.


Suus brings structure to the process of organisation and planning. I thank her for that, because very honestly, sometimes I get lost in my own enthusiasm. I recommend a Suus for everybody when it comes to planning any type of event. She can turn any dream into a well structured plan, and with her creativity, the plan turns out just a little bit differently than you would have expected. Any idea, small or big, I only have to pitch it and Suus completely rocks it.