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We know that planning your wedding can easily become overwhelming. We also understand that hiring a wedding planner is not an option for everyone. 


We believe everyone deserves to experience a fun wedding planning experience and therefore, we are here to help you out!


Are you looking for ideas to get you started and do you need a push in the right direction? Or advice on how to keep it all organised, how to find the right suppliers (or location)? We would love to help you with little things that most people forget, or give you styling advice! Or do you already have everything planned and are looking for creative ideas or activities (or pranks!) to surprise your guests and make your wedding unforgettable? Then this is for you!​


No matter what stage of the planning process you are in, with this (creative) brainstorm session we will listen to your vision, answer your questions, and are there to give professional advice and inspire you.

How does it work?

  • A wishlist to get an idea of your vision for the wedding (based on this we will determine the scope of the session)

  • A 2 hour session with someone from the TTWP team (online or offline)

  • Wedding planning tips and useful tools

  • A personalised moodboard to send out to suppliers

  • Wedding script/timeline advice to make the perfect wedding script!

  • Optional: a list of recommended suppliers

€495 (Including VAT)

PS: On request we are also available to execute all your wedding "prank" ideas (Have a look at the pictures below to see some examples!) 

Wedding Brainstorm 

Get started on your wedding planning with us
(or.. take your wedding planning to the next level
with us!)

All of our prices are an indication. Every event is different and we always aim to make it as unique as possible.

After our first meeting, we will create a customised proposal, based on your wishes.

Click on the button “more information” to receive our brochure or read our FAQ’s.

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