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Love Celebration

If you do not wish to get married, but you do want to celebrate your love, there is definitely a good reason for a party. There is a growing group of people, who like to give an ode to their love, without getting married officially. Why not? If this is you, we offer the “Love Celebration”.

Just imagine all of your friends and family in one place, celebrating love and being together. Long tables with little fairy lights, surrounded by delicious food, amazing wines and great music. However you imagine it to be, we can help you realise it. 


You can have a Love Celebration instead of the wedding, or as a party before your wedding day. You can even do this every couple of years to give an ode to your love. A Love Celebration can feel like less of a “hassle” and less official than a wedding, but gives you just as much fun and happiness. Does this sound appealing to you? We would love to help you organise this celebration and we have plenty of inspirational ideas.


STARTING AT €3.800,- 

All of our prices are an indication. Every event is different and we always aim to make it as unique as possible.

After our first meeting we will create a customised proposal based on your wishes.

Click on the button “more information” to receive our brochure or read our FAQ’s.

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