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Alba & David 

"Baby you can drive my car"

Date: 2020

Wedding Planners: The Traveling Wedding Planner

Styling: The Traveling Wedding Planner

Photography: Sasja van Kessel  

Photography: Wynona Bakker  

Models: Alba & David

Location: La Villa Lenta  

Make-up: Marissa Coster

Make-up: Sally Jane Bridal  

Dresses: Nati Novias

Shoes: Bronx shoes 

Because of corona, there could be no events and therefore no weddings. Our hands were itching to organise something and so the idea occurred to organise this beautiful elopement shoot and to keep it TTWP style, we traveled to Spain for it. To capture the love between the beautiful couples at a beautiful location like this, was for us extra motivation to continue doing what we love most... celebrating love.

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