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Azza & Tom

"Frans & Francien, Bring a wig, MTV the grind; the chateau wedding!"

Date: September 2021

Wedding Planners: The Travelling Wedding Planner

Photography: Marty Marn

Videography: Timo and Kay Films

The wedding weekend of Azza and Tom was one big party from start to finish. The relaxed atmosphere that was created here is exactly the kind of atmosphere we like to see at a wedding. Nothing is forced and everything is allowed! Tom's father had made a promise that when Tom got married he would cook, but he didn't know yet that it would be for 180 people. A promise is a promise and everyone who was at this wedding can tell you how delicious the food was. Azza and Tom chose cakes from the bakery around the corner instead of a "traditional wedding cake" and that was certainly not a bad choice either. The weekend ended with a pool party in MTV The Grind style and what a great ending to a great wedding!

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