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Maniero Montecassiano, a beautiful location with breathtaking views!

Where Maniero stands for an Italian castle/country house and located in Montecassiano. This ydillic spot is in the heart of Le Marche.

In collaboration with the creative Amber ( @thesocialgoodgirl ) and Fabrizio, we have been busy setting up this collaboration in the past months.

An Italian country house with 16 accommodations and several hotels within walking and driving distance for your guests. The house has several unique parts. And when we say unique, we really mean UNIQUE.
From theme rooms such as a Prosecco or Bouquet inspired room, to specially designed treasure hunts for your wedding weekend.

All parts of the wedding can take place in different places around the villa. Your guests will be surprised during every part of the wedding! We have different options for your pizza party/welcome night, a picnic, brunch, your ceremony, aperitivo, the wedding dinner and of course the party!

Maniero Montecassiano is the perfect location for your wedding with 40-100 guests. We work with an authentic Italian chef/caterer who will make all your culinary wishes for the wedding come true.

And now the extra great news! We still have 3 spots and a fantastic price for 2024! With a budget of €23,000 you can experience a dream destination wedding weekend with 50 guests.

What can you expect:
✨ Accommodation for 2 nights for you, and 14 of your guests, in a beautiful Italian country house, with hotel options 15 minutes away for your other guests.
✨ Wedding planning by us for the entire weekend, which means;
🍕 Friday night Pizza Party
💍 Saturday Wedding Day, with ceremony, aperitivo, a 3/4 course wedding dinner and of course the party 🎉
🍴 Sunday Hangover Brunch
✨ Catering from authentic Italian chef for all of the above
✨ Light & sound options included (think of bulb lights and sound system)
✨ A heated swimming pool (say what?!😍🔥)
🎯 Various activities in and around the location such as an arcade, a playground and a jeux-de-boules/pétanque court.
*Note: This budget does not include flowers and entertainment (which we would of course be happy to help you with 😙)

Can you smell the pizza already? Click on "more information" to receive the brochure for the last spots of 2024. It is also possible to inquire about 2025.


Maniero Montecassia no x TTWP  
An Italian dream location in Le Marche

Still want to married in 2024?  
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