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Lisa-Laura & Koert

"A Young, Fun and Vibrant Wedding with Gusto"

Date: 21-24 september 2023

Wedding Planners: The Travelling Wedding Planner

Local Wedding Planning: Happening Tuscany 

Location: Fattoria Cinciano 

Catering: Osteria 1126 by Alberto Rini via Fattoria Cinciano 

Photographer: Kiki van Dam  

Second Shooter: Annabee Photography 

Videographer: Wynona Elise  

Second Shooter: Sunnie van de Werken 

Music: Lorenzo Borneo I Italian Folk Trio 

Music: Daniele Mancini Sax 

MUAH: Adrienne Aereboe

Stationery: Studio Hartsuiker 

Dress (friday) : Bronx and Bronco 

Wedding Dress (sat): Eva Lendel 

Party Dress (sat): Elliatt via Revolve 

Other Dresses: Dissh 

Suit: Atelier Munro

From Amsterdam all the way to Siena to seal their love. This is what Lisa-Laura and Koert did. These two, along with their small circle of friends, can be best described as "young, fun, and vibrant." This couple has known each other for years, and not only that, but their group of friends has been there from the very beginning. In short, "they go way back," and this was evident in everything. Warmth, playfulness, and, above all, lots of love within and around this group, including a master of ceremonies who was even more nervous than the bride and groom themselves. We were thrilled to see Gijs in his true element during the ceremony. Fortunately, besides being Wedding Planners, we are also professional sprinters in our spare time to retrieve the vows that were forgotten, so all's well that ends well. This beautiful couple had been looking forward to their 3-day love adventure for so long that they could hardly believe it would be over so soon. Of course, nothing is further from the truth because now they can start savoring the afterglow with these beautiful photos! As Lisa-Laura herself said: "My Pinterest moodboard has come to life."

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