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Yeliz & Adam 

"The fun and crazy Amsterdam" 

Date: 22 July 2023 

Wedding Planners: The Travelling Wedding Planner

Styling: Myrthe Regelt Het 
Photographer: Angela Bloemsaat
Second shooter: Kiki van Dam 
Videographer: Timo and Kay 
Trouwambtenaar: De hippe trouwambtenaar 
Locatie: Strand Zuid 
Boat: Smidtje Luxury Cruises 
Drummers: Yesilova Davulzurna 
Bagpipe: Gilian Hettinga
Light & Sound: Music and Productions 
Singers: Magne Music & Dilara Çuğun 
DJ: Jesse Vrede 
Sax: Florine van den Biggelaar 
MUA bride: Nicole Drege 
MUA other: Bodine Metz 
Cheese weddingcake: De Kaaskamer Amsterdam 
Cocktailbar: Shaken Style 
Dancefloor & fireworks: All Star entertainment 

Yeliz & Adam are one of the most fun and outgoing couples we have ever met. You can understand why when you see these pictures and especially the wedding video! The wedding day started off with the iconic prank from our Suus; dressing up as the bride and falling in the water when all the guests arrived on boats. After everyone realised it was not Yeliz, it was time for a romantic and funny ceremony overlooking the waters. Then Y&A took some alone time riding around with a bike through Amsterdam and we loved how these pictures turned out. Cycling back to Strand Zuid it was time for drinks and dinner followed by a party with the best dance moves! Thank you so much Yeliz & Adam for letting us be part of your special day! 

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