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5 benefits of having a winter wedding in Europe

We know we mostly share sunny pictures of destination weddings in Italy, Spain or France.. But have you ever thought about having a winter wedding?! Not the first thing that comes to mind for most people, but we think it should! We wrote this blog to explain to you why :) Here are our top 5 benefits of having a winter wedding:

1. Weather guarantee! 

The most important reason for sure. No stress about the weather! As your location is inside you do not need to worry until the last moment about heavy winds, rain, too much heat etc. And let us tell you this: that saves a lot of stress (for you and for us haha). Plan A is Plan B, the candles will not go out all the time, no back up umbrellas needed or need to rent an expensive tent.. Do we need to say more? 

2. So many stunning venues

The venues that are suitable for winter weddings are stunning! Barn-like (think: “Virgin River”) type of venues, castles, authentic or rustic locations that are a beautiful canvas to decorate your personal winter wedding. Countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium or Germany have so many amazing wedding venues to offer. And if you prefer the mountains, we can not forget all the beauty in Austria. Need help finding your dream location? Have a look at our Location Scouting” option.

3. More RSVP’s

Outside of the summer holidays you will receive more RSVPs from your guests as it is less likely that many of them will be on holidays. More of your loved ones around on your wedding is a big bonus when having your wedding in winter!

4. More availability of locations and suppliers

Having your wedding outside of the peak wedding season will significantly increase the availability of suppliers and your dream wedding venue. It will be easier to find and book good photographers, videographers and even to find accommodation near your wedding venue (often cheaper as well!).


Last but not least, romance. Just look at these pictures! Do we need to explain? Winter weddings mean coziness, fireplaces, hot chocolate, candles, possibly snow, and just romance at its finest. 

Well, we can continue and go on and on on how your makeup will look good all day when you are not sweating in the sun, but we think we made our point by now ;).

So, are you excited to plan your beautiful romantic winter wedding with us? 

With love,


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