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Valentine Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day, 14th of February, Cupid’s Day, or whatever you want to call it. It's the day of love, which means we feel like we need to be involved. If you are either engaged to be married, married or just in love, we would love to help you out with some date ideas for this year’s Day of Love.


First and foremost, do not, and we repeat, DO NOT forget to ask your significant other to be your Valentine. We don’t care if you have been together for weeks, years or decades, it is the easiest and smallest thing you can do and keeps the giddy romance alive. And come on, it is literally five words: “Will you be my Valentine?” See? Easy.


Now we got that out of the way, let’s move onto the date tips.

Back in time

As we are on the first date tip, let’s go back to your first date together. This is not only super romantic and nostalgic, but also super fun to see how far you’ve come. Again, get back into that giddy early romance. So go back to that first restaurant, bar, café, park, and do it all over again.

Dinner on water

As we are based in Amsterdam and we love travelling, we wanted to include this If you want something new and different, we have just the thing for you. We were inspired by Smidtje Luxury Cruises, who offer boat dates on the Amsterdam Canals. This is just the cutest thing, dinner on water.

Scavenger Hunt

Now this one is a little more active. It involves travelling from place to place. Yes you guessed it: a scavenger hunt! This one you can customize to your liking, either you take a trip down memory lane in your city of choice, in your neighborhood or street or if you haven’t been together that long, take your loved one to all your favorite places that you would like to share with them, through this scavenger hunt. This date is fun, active and romantic, what more could a person want?

If you are not really a scavenger hunt type of person, maybe a tour from Tassie is a little bit more up your ally. A fun way to learn more about a city whilst still being active!

Learn together

Talking about active, take a lesson together in whatever you want to learn together. Learn to dance the salsa, make the best pasta of your life, create pottery, painting your own Picasso’s, making flower arrangements, you name it! There is so much to learn and it’s way more fun to do so together.

One night with nature

If you have time to get away for the night, get away from your busy life and unwind together at a stayover in a cabin surrounded by nature. In the woods, near a lake, whatever your heart desires (and what your location allows of course).

Cooking for two

Last but not least, you can also keep it sweet and simple for your one on one time and cook a meal together. Try out something new! Make a new recipe, doughs from scratch, three courses instead of one, the kitchen is your oyster ;).

We hope you find your dream date in our list of TTWP approved date tips. We are excited for you to celebrate the Day of Love and we can’t wait to see how your dates turned out.




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