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Guest blog - Timo & Kay

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Organizing and celebrating a beautifully styled organized chaos is what we love most! This year, we took the time to reflect on what matters most to us at TTWP, both in our business and in life. Unanimously, we agreed that organizing weddings for like-minded couples with whom we share a connection is crucial. We are grateful for the opportunity to have organized weddings for so many wonderful couples. Equally important to us is collaborating with wedding vendors who share our vision. In this blog post, we're excited to share tips from our favorite vendors. First up: Timo & Kay. For those who aren't familiar with Timo & Kay, they are an incredibly talented duo who create the coolest wedding videos and are a lively addition to the wedding itself! We've had the pleasure of working with them on multiple weddings, which is why we are excited to share their knowledge about wedding videography and 10 tips to make your wedding video one for in the cinema!

Why should you invest in a good videographer?

Your wedding is one of the moments in your life that you will cherish forever. It's a day (or days) you spend with everyone you love, celebrating love and life. Naturally, you want to look back on these moments and what better way than through a wedding video? You invest a tremendous amount of time, energy, and love into planning and bringing your dream wedding to life. Therefore, having something tangible that brings you right back to your special day, especially when your memories start to fade, is invaluable. A wedding movie let's you relive these memories through visuals, audio and music. So instead of seeing this investment as a part of your wedding budget, see it as an investment for the future.


The right fit for you

When selecting a videographer, it's essential to consider not only the style you like but also the personal vibe of the videographer(s) that aligns with yours. As videographers, we become part of your day, so it's crucial that you feel comfortable around us. Imagine spending the whole day irritated by a videographer (or photographer) because you chose them only based on their style or your budget; that's not something you would want on your wedding day!

We are very passionate about sharing this tip as a lot of couples have said they did not realize beforehand how important it is to be surrounded by a videographer (or photographer) that has a positive vibe, is helpful and easy-going.

There are so many parts during your wedding that are perfect for in your wedding video. So let's talk about them! We hereby share 10 tips to make your wedding video cinema worthy!

1. A good start is half the battle; let us know all the important moments

As videographers, we want to know all the details, no matter how unique or quirky. Whether it's a confetti shot or a surprise for you or your guests, communicate these details in advance. While we're always ready to film, prior communication ensures that we're well-prepared, with audio installed if necessary. In our pre-wedding session (about a month before the wedding), we discuss such details with our couples. However, it's helpful for you to keep notes of any special considerations during the planning process.

2. Prepare your guests

Inform your guests in advance that there will be a video team present and that they should behave as if we're not there. This way, they can start getting used to the idea of cameras around them.

3. Show your love

Expressing your love for each other is incredibly beautiful and makes the wedding film much more personal. Many couples choose to exchange vows during the ceremony, but if that doesn't suit you, there are other options. You can say your vows privately before or after the first look. Alternatively, write a card or letter that the other reads during preparation or before the ceremony. There are plenty of possibilities, but personal words are much more beautiful than having someone else say them for you.

4. Let your guests speeche!

We use parts of speeches to tell your story in the wedding film. The better the speeches, the better the story! A good speech, in our opinion, includes humor, wit, and brings out your personalities. It's not a bad idea to ask people in your family or friends who are good at speaking and storytelling to give speeches. It's even better when the speeches are somewhat coordinated to avoid repetition or discomfort for the speaker.

When it comes to the location of the speeches, it's best to have them all in a designated place, especially during dinner. This way, we can set up a spotlight in poorly lit rooms, and we won't capture half-eaten plates. Reaction shots of you as a couple are also better when you're turned away from the table instead of behind a plate of food. While we take care of managing this on the wedding day, it's helpful for you to know in advance to plan accordingly.

5. Just the two of you; we love to capture special moments between you two

During the couple shoot, the best moments happen when you're enjoying each other's company and trying to ignore the cameras as much as possible. It sounds easier than it is, but this is your moment to reflect on what has happened or is yet to come on your special day. Chat with each other, look deep into each other's eyes, and enjoy your moment; have fun. This is how the most beautiful shots are created. And if you're not sure what to do, we, as your personal hype team, are ready to give you guidance.

6. Or just you ;)

Take a moment for yourselves: A wedding goes by quickly, and you are literally being swept away. If you want a moment just for the two of you without friends, photographers, and videographers, let us know in advance, and we'll plan accordingly.

7. It all starts with getting ready; make this a special moment too!

The moment of getting ready is often not thought about much, but you can make something special out of it. Imagine the joy of the bride and her bridesmaids as they doll up, reminisce, and look ahead. Ensure you have a beautiful space for this, with enough hair and makeup artists to avoid time constraints. As a fly on the wall, we can capture many fun moments, and it's even better if everything is relaxed. The preparation is part of your day, so make it a special moment!

If you want outdoor shots with your bridesmaids, it's handy to schedule this moment after getting ready, as everyone will look fantastic and is already in your room. Keep this in mind in your planning (10 minutes should be sufficient) and consider the location so no one sees you in your weddingdress yet.

In 99% of cases, getting ready is seen as purely practical by the groom. Just put on the wedding suit and he is done within five minutes. However, you can also make this a fun morning activity with the guys. After all, waiting around can be boring! Plan something enjoyable to do with your friends—a boat trip, a game of pool, soccer, tennis, or, if you want to go all out, a wine or whiskey tasting (remember, the spit buckets are not just decorations). Just something that suits you. If you have two videographers (as in our case), one can accompany you to shoot fun footage while the other stays with the bride squad. This way, you'll have extra authentic footage that is not only about the wedding but also about you and your friends/brothers/etc.

8. Show us your dance moves and let's party

Do you have a spectacular first dance planned? Record a video with your phone while you're practicing, and send it to us. This way, we know when a lift or turning moment is coming, and we can ensure everything looks great on camera! We love party shots, so go crazy! Don't be afraid to have your camera moment and let loose. Throw in a cheeky dance battle if that's your vibe. Because dancing in a circle and stepping away as soon as we pull out a camera certainly doesn't make for great shots.

9. Some fun extra's; make sure to prepare video worthy moments

Now onto fun extras to make your beautiful moments even more stunning on film. Sparklers; super cool, but often chaotic and poorly executed because no one has clear leadership. These are moments that need to be planned tightly to capture them beautifully on film. You certainly don't want half of the sparklers to be extinguished by the time you walk in. And believe us now, logical thinking goes down a bit after a few drinks, and sparklers are lit as soon as guests get them in their hands. Good coordination is handy. Assign one or two people who take the lead and can make a group listen to them (like your wedding planners ;)). Ensure there are (more than) enough lighters or candles. Give clear instructions on when the sparklers will be lit, and have them light the sparklers at the stem rather than the end. This way, the fire travels in the opposite direction, and sparklers that are almost extinguished will give a beautiful image. Check before lighting if the video and photo team are ready and if the bridal couple is ready. Only then give the command to light the sparklers/start the music, etc. Keep in mind that it takes a while for everyone to light their sparkler, so the bridal couple shouldn't come immediately.

10. Last but not least; the more communication the better

Don't forget that this video is a representation of your special day and your memories of it. So, the more communication, the better. And don't forget to smile ;). If you are curious about how we specifically like to work and whether we might collaborate in the future, contact us! Let's see how we can make your wedding sparkle for eternity.

Thank you note TTWP team

Dear Timo & Kay, we have worked together on many fantastic weddings. The wedding films you have created from them are so special to us! We hope to celebrate many more weddings with you, and thank you so much for all the beautiful tips <3

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