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Guest blog - Summer fabrics for your wedding suit

If you are getting married in the summer or in a destination where you will have to deal with summer weather, it is important to take this into account when choosing your wedding suit. Of course, you want to feel comfortable in the suit you are wearing. That's why we asked the tailors at Michael & Giso for advice, which fabrics are best to choose for a summer wedding suit?


Of course we start with linen. It is common knowledge that linen is the ideal summer fabric, also for your wedding suit. Linen is a beautiful natural fabric, which is very light and breathable. There is not much stretch in linen, so we measure the suit slightly wider. This is also not bad during a hot summer day, it provides extra comfort and a somewhat casual look. Linen is also characterized by its sensitivity to creases. You have to love this, as tailors we really see this as the charm of the natural product. Is this something that will bother you? Then you can also choose a fabric made from a blend with linen. This reduces the sensitivity to wrinkles, but you can still experience the benefits of this fiber.


Cotton is also a nice fabric to use in a summer wedding suit, it is a matte fabric which gives it a casual look. This is a pleasant fabric due to its moisture-absorbing and air-permeable characteristics. Cotton is also sensitive to wrinkles, so a blend of cotton and wool is often chosen for a wedding suit to reduce wrinkles. A major advantage of cotton is that it is a very strong fabric. If you want to wear the outfit regularly after the wedding day, this fabric is definitely worth considering.


When we think of wool, we often think of a thick, warm woolen sweater. However, it is not correct that wool is only suitable for the winter months. Wool is great on a hot summer day, it is just important that you choose the right woolen fabric. If you have a summer wedding suit made from wool, it is best to choose an open weave. This makes the fabric extra airy. In addition, you choose a lightweight fabric, which means that less wool is incorporated into the fabric. This makes the fabric less heavy and warm. For a wedding suit, a blend with wool is often chosen. By combining wool with linen or cotton, the fabric becomes perfect for warm days. In combination with silk it gets a light shine, creating a festive whole.


Silk certainly cannot be missing from this list. Due to the shine that silk naturally has, it is often added to the fabric for a classic wedding suit. The combination of wool and silk is very popular. In addition, silk is very light, making it comfortable to wear even in the summer months. Silk has the property of insulating, which makes it durable. It keeps you nice and warm in winter and cool in summer. This is a true all-season fabric.

Two- or three-piece wedding suit?

We regularly hear from grooms that they prefer not to wear a three-piece suit because of the possible heat. It is indeed true that the more layers you wear, the warmer you quickly become. However, we often recommend a three-piece wedding suit, even in the summer months. Because you wear a cardigan with the outfit, you are also dressed when it is so warm that you take off your jacket. If you don't wear a vest under your wedding suit, you will be in just your shirt. As soon as this happens, a large part of your distinctive character as a groom disappears. There doesn't have to be a problem with heat, as long as you choose the right fabric.

Another important piece of advice: always make sure you have an extra shirt. For example, you can put on a clean shirt for dinner or a party and start the evening fresh. When gentlemen make an appointment with us, we always take the time to get an idea of the wedding day and personal wishes. Once these have been mapped out, the matching substances are presented. Are you curious about the options that suit you? Then be sure to make an appointment at one of our stores!

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