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We are here to create and celebrate your beautifully styled organised chaos.

We are Nina & Susanna

And together with our team we create and celebrate your beautifully styled organised chaos.

Chaos? Yes, chaos! 


We believe that organised chaos is equal to a casual and cosy atmosphere. All you should worry about is being carefree, together with your loved ones, at a location that looks amazing. All of this: organised by us.


With humor & love, where everything is allowed, and nothing is mandatory. Where the possibilities are endless, whilst we keep you grounded where necessary. Because not everything is perfect, fortunately, with our planning, we sure get close.

"An incredible thank you for your wonderful guidance on the most beautiful day of our lives. It was great. You made sure that we could enjoy every moment. The invariable 'we will arrange everything' modus operandi was like a warm bath. Also coming home today was lovely with all the presents on the table. Thank you very much for everything! You are heroes. "

Evelien & Thomas

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